With Nature a Collaboration

Dates County is a 300+ acre vast landscape that runs on its own, with every necessity fulfilled inside the massive propertyscape. Located in the South of Hyderabad, it's an apt place to dwell with nature, and get inspired.

Dates County is dotted by various themes and installations, and the grandest of one starts at the entrance itself. When you enter the commune, you'll be greeted by fascinating rock installations, stepped landscaping, and a pleasantly designed driveway with boom barriers.

Guarded by nature, get welcome to Eco-homes that blend with natures and let you harness its resources. These are homes that have are environment-friendly and have low-impact. They are built using materials, technology and resources that reduce carbon footprint. So come, here's your chance to refresh and rejuvenate life best accompanied by facilities like recreation zone, sports field, stunning wetlands, refreshing lake, rustic boulders, commercial spaces, reserved forest and much more.

From the Roots

With lives getting busy and buzzing, the secrets to moulding a peaceful life lies in our roots of living amidst nature. With the caress of fresh air from the forests adjoining, vast open spaces for fun and sports, ownable-land to build homes, zones earmarked for commercial buildings, hills for adventure in the neighbourhood, and world-class amenities for leisure, Dates County is a wonder amongst nature that promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Be part of an opulent lifestyle.
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